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Only the new technology can let us in the night

Still can enjoy the light, that is, the intelligent technology
Motor will become the driving force for the future development of the electric market
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most still holding a hesitation and wait-and-see attitude, feedback and action of the switching of high efficiency motor made, will be officially released in the new national standard, that is the second half of this year or 2013.

In recent years, energy saving electromechanical equipment has been in a state of be neither hot nor cold, however, along with our country and even the world, promoting low-carbon, energy-saving emission reduction policies, energy-saving application of mechanical and electrical equipment will be substantial progress.

Machinery industry analysts believe that, at present, our country motor product variety, but the efficiency is not high. Motor system efficiency is low, long-term inefficient operation. Some motor system users are brought to the motor system economic efficiency lack of awareness, or technical problems of energy transformation system of the motor of the obstacles, electromechanical industry must strengthen energy-saving technology R & D and innovation, make it