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Only the new technology can let us in the night

Still can enjoy the light, that is, the intelligent technology
Motor will become the driving force for the future development of the electric market
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Europe and america." IMS researcher at SIAF transmission technology in this year's Symposium on said.

According to the IMS study showed that: high power motor needs have growth worldwide, including the United States, Europe, China and other regions, although the high power motor price partial expensive, but the market sales volume is increased. In the next five years, is expected to have a higher growth, 2015 sales will more than double than in 2011, namely can reach $2600000000.

For deep into China's foreign giants, the policy dynamic "smell" very sensitive. The new standard based on China, the international giant has long been ahead of action to do shift work. Siemens has announced the shutdown of general motors, and last year launched its SIMOTICS1LE0 series of high-performance motor as a replacement; and ABB is no exception, in August last year launched the M2BA series of high-performance motor, M2QA series motor as the upgrading of products. As for the new GB switch for domestic manufacturers,